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Managed Detection & Response Security Solution

Breach Response

  •  Incident Response Services – Contact Mandiant consultants at the first sign of a breach to help investigate and mitigate.
  • Incident Response Retainer – Reduce your cyber incident response time and minimize incident impact.
  • Comproise Assessment – Identify current or past attacker activity in your environment.

Security Enhancement

  • Training Services – Information about our training offerings and a complete training class catalog.
  • Threatspace – Practice responding to real-world threats — without real-world consequences.
  • Deployment Integration Services – Ensure your NETCOMPSOL  technology is properly implemented and integrated.

Security Transformation

  • Cyber Defense Development – Build and grow a security program to protect against advanced threats.
  • Cyber Threat Intellgent Services – Design and build cyber threat intelligence (CTI) processes and solutions within your security operations.


Threat Landscape Overview

NETCOMPSOL’s Security Needs Framework


Security Assessment

  • Red Team Operations Test how well your people, processes and technology protect your critical assets.
  • Penetraion Testing – Identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities to close off avenues of attack.
  • Security Program Assessment – Get informed, expert recommendations to improve your security program.
  • Response Readiness AssessmentEvaluate and improve your ability to detect, respond to, and contain advanced attacks.
  • Tabletop Exercise – Evaluate your incident response plan against scripted scenarios.
  • Industrial System Healcheck – Reduce security vulnerabilities in SCADA and ICS environments.
  • Cyber Insurance and Risk Assessment – Obtain a quick, high-level analysis of your organization’s risk level based on the C.O.P.E framework.
  • Mergers and Acquision Risk Assessment – Conduct due diligence on cyber security for merger and acquisition targets.



Our high-touch service provides a level of protection to small and mid-sized organizations that is usually reserved for large enterprises. From day one, you will have access to an institutional quality SOC with a white glove standard of protection and readily accessible analysts who act as an extension of your team 24×7.

An Agile Approach in a Constantly Evolving Landscape

One thing is clear: The digital threat landscape has shifted dramatically over the past few years, and is continuing to change every day.

Simply relying on signatures, log correlation, and anti-virus is no longer enough to protect your firm against the next-generation of cyber attacks. In fact, these single-tiered approaches are no match for advanced threats.

Did You Know?

  • Automation of security cannot effectively manage today’s level of threat activity.
  • A firewall, on its own, is no longer good security.
  • Typical “9-5” monitoring of your network is no longer adequate in detecting all known or unknown threats.

In this new era of cybersecurity, you need a trusted partner to engage – and defeat – cyber-criminals in virtual hand-to-hand combat. With our highly-skilled analysts, finely-tuned detection & incident response process, and 24×7 SOC, we can fight on a level playing field by isolating and blocking intrusions long before they develop into businesses altering breaches.

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